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- Since 1992, we are the pioneers & leading software platform for wrap-up insurance software, globally.

An introduction

Acacia Technology & Management, Inc., is a pioneering software platform provider in the domain of wrap-up insurance and related activities, since 1988. Our platform, the "Coordinated Insurance Management System" - CIMS has served some of the top insurance brokers in the Americas.

CIMS is the 1st of its kind ERP platform available globally for automating wrap-up risk managment process. It has evolved over 26 years of production usage across various enterprises, use cases, hence it is unmatched in its robustness, exhaustive feature list, rules-driven automation and overall ease-of-use. 

CIMS is a Web services based automation platform that is catering to the administration of OCIP as well as CCIP programs. CIMS is built on proprietary algorithms which have been designed and refined across multiple man-years of domain expertise. Hence you get a platform that provides you end-to-end enterprise automation for wrap-up insurance at a price point that is affordable for small & medium segment enterprises.



work & experience

The Acacia Tech team is helmed by the combined drive, vigour and technical acumen of two of the most experienced persons in wrap-up programs design and management, who between them bring in 45+ man years of experience of designing & providing enterprise automation software for the wrap-up risk management insurance business. 

CIMS is the brain child of that collective effort over so many years and the platform has been honed to perfection across multiple client implementations, who include some of the premier players in that domain in the US.




The secret behind our success has been an unrelenting focus on support services. We understand that our clients' business runs on CIMS and hence downtimes are not acceptable. That is why we devise core groups who work as an extended team of the client. They are dedicated for a particular client and know their operations inside out. 

As a result we are able to close 99% of our support requests over the phone itself. Anything that needs a deeper dive, we are able to resolve within the next 24 hours. And we have been doing that for the last 26 years !!!

Some trivia...

  • Inception - Acacia Technology & Management Inc. is in operations since 1988. 30 years of holding on to the leadership position!
  • First in class - we developed the 1st web based automation platform for wrap-up insurance management.
  • Best in class - our solutions are in use across 50+ leading private & public enterprises across the US in the domain.
  • Responsiveness - 99% support requests resolved over the 1st phone call. Rest within the next 24 hours.
  • Unlimited - in terms of data accumulation & processing efficiency, CIMS is limited only by your growth. 
  • Server security - 24x7 bio-metric, physical & cctv surveillance, with UPS & DG backup, housed in Cat 5 rated datacenter building.
  • Network - our DC is connected to NTT/Verio global Tier 1 network, which internally is peered with major Internet backbone providers, ensuring the highest availability.

Our Clients

Please contact us for a list of projects and our esteemed clients, who have used and benefitted from our CIMS Platform since the inception.